James Jowsey Training | Testimonials
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What I can say about James Jowsey and his work is that he is dedicated, passionate and really good att getting people to move better and move pain free. With a unique way of seeing and understanding movement in any individual James is able to give a personalized approach to everyone he meets. I have personally seen countless people use James tools and advice to improve their physical status significantly. I would recommend James to anyone who is interested in moving better.
Rickard Walén
CoOwner and Head Coach of CrossFit Nordic
It would be so easy to say that if you are serious about your mobility and movements patterns, then James is the one you have to see- it would be true, but it would not even begin to cover what happens to your training and subsequently your life, once you have begun working with James! I have had the pleasure of James help for years, and had it not been for him and the help I have gotten from him, I would still be recovering from all my injuries, and not be able to do half he things I can now! I highly recommend James to anyone who wants to live an active life, without pain, as well as I demand that all competitive athletes have to see him, if I am to work with them! Simply go! For all our sakes
Mads Jacobsen
Winning CrossFit Invitational Team World, Head Coach.
First time i saw Jowsey working with people I just thought it was strange what he was letting people do.. That was when I had no idea what he was actually doing. But today I know and the first time I when to him he helped me with me hip that had been bothering me for years. I got 4 exercises to do and I did them every day for a warm up, and Im still doing some of them today, and I have not had any problem with me hip ever since. Im more flexible and more stable in my squat than before. I am a CrossFit coach and owner and I have seen all the people he have helped and all of them can feel the difference and you can see it as well. I have also seen people that have had problems for years and after one or two sessions with Jowsey there problem is history.. So this strange exercises which Jowsey are letting people do actually help you alot! Even if you dont have problem and just want to get a better catch in the snatch or whatever I think you should definitely give him a try!
Númi Snær Katrínarson
CrossFit Games Individuals competitor 2012, Team Reebok CrossFit Nordic, CrossFit Games 2012 team member.
Ive being seeing Jowsey now for the last 4 years. I've had one injury that could be classed as serious (rotated pelvis and unaligned SI Joint). James diagnosed what was wrong with me straight away. I could barely walk into the appointment but left with minimal pain and a plan that got me back on track fully within 4 weeks! I see him on a regular basis as check ups and to make sure my body is in its best condition week in week out. He spots niggles before they happen, nipping any problems in the bud before they hold back my training!
Steven Fawcett
CrossFit Games Competitor 2015