James Jowsey Training | SQUATfit
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A SQUATFit is a performance product to assist in your ability to squat. The squat is a foundation movement for a lot of strength and conditioning programmes and also a skill we were born with and have possibly lost.


The SQUATFit service has been founded by James Jowsey and Phil Mansfield. A ‘ SQUATFit’ – is your personal 2 hour assessment with James. You will be asked to squat using different techniques whilst your body is analysed. The eventual weak points will be identified and we make sure that the right muscles are turning on at the right times. Our objective is to optimise your effort during different types of squat. Its a shame to waste good time and effort getting better at a worse squat, just because your muscles are pulling at the wrong times and technique is poor.
The most important element of the squat is the injury prevention side.
A good squat is an injury free squat.


Download the attached PDF for more information why you NEED a SQUATFit.


These are available all year around from James at CrossFit 3D. Occasionally, James and Phil will come together in the delivery of a SQUATFit when they run seminar weekends throughout the year.

Interested but need more information? Enquire now