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I am a sports coach and therapist. The methods I use allow me to break down and analyse, the everyday tasks or sporting movements that you perform. When we understand the stress of a particular movement or sport we can specifically train the body to be able to deal with that task. Training in this way allows me to help you get rid of pain or to perform your sport to the best of your ability.


Growing up, I played many sports ranging from swimming (at club level), karate, basketball (at district level), rugby and athletics (representing my county at triple jump and district at long jump). My biggest passion was football where I gained England Schoolboy honours aged 15 before signing for Manchester United aged 16 in 2000.


I signed professional forms, aged 17 and made it to the reserve team before being released in 2004. I made a Football League appearance for Cambridge United in 2004 before leaving the game. I was constantly injured, which affected my ability, not playing at my best caused me to lose confidence. It was time for a change.


The experience at Manchester United sparked my interest in training and nutrition to help improve performance and led me to begin a career as a personal trainer which I have done since 2005.

When I was a personal trainer, I became fascinated with human movement as I tried in vain to coach my clients to perform the techniques I had learned, but everyone moved differently and some struggled to feel the exercises where they should. This fascinated me and my quest for knowledge and education grew.


I met Phil Mansfield, (a World leader in Applied Functional Science), in 2007 and he has been my mentor ever since. I am now lucky enough to call Phil a friend, who I occasionally have the pleasure of working with, by helping to teach his courses and mentorships for 3d-People.


My work now takes me across the UK, Ireland and Europe helping anyone from your everyday gym member to your competitive CrossFit athlete. As well as my remote coaching programmes tailored to any sport that is currently followed by CrossFit, football, and rugby athletes.


The drive I had as an athlete, is now focussed towards allowing you to achieve your athletic potential.

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